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Target Slot

Get a flexible hiring solution to solve your ongoing skilled and hourly hiring needs for a year.
  • Fill high turnover positions
  • Choose from 300+ job titles
  • Repost jobs every 30 days

Target Slot is a one-year subscription that lets you advertise as many job postings as you need for a year.

  • Select as many job postings to match each of your unique open positions.
  • Your one-year subscription gives you access to all 300+ skilled, hourly and administrative job titles.
  • Save time and use any of our pre-written job descriptions.
  • Repost the same job or select a new job every 30 days or as needed.
Target Slot also includes :
  • Free hiring tools to help manage, screen and contact your candidates.
  • Ability to save and edit your job descriptions for future use.

For more details on Target Slot, call 617-929-8475.

Target Slot
Post and repost as many times as you need every month for a year. All these flexible options are available with a single Target Slot all year.
Select Job Title

Choose from one of our 300+ job titles.

Post a job

Your job posting will be active for 30 days.

Repost Your Job

If you fill the job within 30 days, great! Otherwise, you can repost the same job.


Post a New Job

If your hiring needs change, you can post a new job.


  • Enter the quantity of Target Slots you'll need in the 'Buy' module to the right and click 'Buy'.
Create and Preview
  • Select a job title for your job posting.
  • Use the customizable pre-written job-descriptions or modify them to best match your job requirements.
  • Enter your company name, job location and contact information.
  • Preview your posting.
  • Post the job on Monster.
  • After the 30-day posting period, you can repost or select a new title as needed.

Buy Target Slot

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Call 617-929-8475